RedLine Young Artists – Pilot Program

7 Mar

RedLine Young Artists program is a new collaboration with RedLine, a contemporary art center located at 23rd & Arapahoe just north of downtown Denver. The art classes, which are based on my current Kids Making Art classes, are being held at the RedLine facility in their new community art room.  We are also working with Rocky Mountain Parent’s As Teachers, an amazing organization that offers a wide array of parenting resources and services to families throughout our city. PAT families may take our art classes free of charge as a benefit of their membership.

Our pilot program, which has had a strong turn out of nearly 20 kids, will be a total of three weeks of class. Once concluded, we’ll poll the parents to find out if their kids have made any strides in their development through the art program.  For example, did the children improve their ability to hold or cut with scissors, did their drawing ability change in any way, did they grow more comfortable with various art materials, did they grow closer to their child through the experience of making art together?  Our ultimate goal is to generate grant funding to run this program throughout the year at RedLine, which brings in an entirely new audience to RedLine, and expands the ability to offer art programs across different populations.

We will hold an exhibition and reception on Saturday, April 14, 10:30-Noon at RedLine. Drop by to see some of the amazing artwork the kids have created!


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