When should your child start using scissors?

1 Apr

The number one concern we’ve received from parents in our classes is regarding the use of scissors. Our classes often have two year-old’s and early three’s and parents are (rightly) hesitant to have them start cutting willy-nilly. Once kids try them they are intrigued, fascinated and equally frustrated by them.  Some kids might be tempted to cut things they shouldn’t (i.e. hair, bills, etc.) But, rather than outlaw them completely, my thought is to introduce them in the context of a supervised and guided art class so they can begin to learn this important skill. Occupational Therapist Kimberly Wiggins states that children should begin using scissors by age two because the practice builds the hand muscles, strengthens eye-hand coordination and improves bilateral coordination (using both hands at once to do separate things). Read more in her post.

Learning to use scissors is a challenge for little hands requiring intricate fine motor skills. Once kids approach Kindergarten, it is important that they have had experience using scissors. During our Kids Making Art class, we are challenging our children to try new things while working alongside them. Scissors can be a wonderful, freeing tool as a child grows.   Once a skill such as scissor use becomes more comfortable, the child’s sense of confidence grows in addition to important physical and brain developments.

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