Photo Gallery

We’ve had fun at our classes since we started last Fall 2011.  Here’s a selection of photos from our past classes.

April 2012: Color!

We worked on learning our colors this month.  We discussed primary, secondary and complementary colors.  It is really starting to gel for the kids, and so exciting to see their own excitement about the process!

We used tape to create our initials, then used watercolor crayons to create these lovely paintings.

Our tissue paper people looked like stained glass on paper!

Here we learned about color washes and learning to use big brush strokes.

March 2012: Snow

Even though it’s starting to warm up here in Denver, we wanted to celebrate the last snowy month of winter by creating some projects about snow.

Our spring flower project.  Sometimes the first flowers of spring appear while there’s still snow on the ground.

We made snow creatures using paper plates and lots of fun collage materials.

The kids made some creative snow animals and people.

February 2012: Heart Month

We made a colorful mobile using bread that we cut into hearts and then painted. Once dry, we strung them together.

Lots and lots of bread!

Talking with our friends about our bread heart mobiles.

December: Holiday Projects

We made colorful holiday cards to send to our family and friends,

and handmade wrapping paper and gift tags using stamps, stickers and sequins.

Fall 2011

Our inspiration for November 2011, was the great children’s book author Leo Lionni. Here are some projects we created using his books for inspiration:

These chameleons are inspired by Lionni’s, A Color of One’s Own

The kids loved using glue and shiny sequins to create their unique chameleons.

What cute chameleons!

This project was based on Leonni’s Swimmy. We painted the watery background using brushes and other tools to make textures. Then the kids used fish sponge stamps to create their schools of fish.

Hand stamping added an interesting texture.

Love the repetition of the fish stamps. This piece was done by a 3 year old.


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