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Kid-friendly art materials – a few suggestions

1 May

I’m always on the lookout for kid-friendly art materials.  There’s so much to choose from, and they can be hit or miss depending on the brand.  Here are a few suggestions for art materials to try out with your 2-5 year olds.  It may take several times of introducing an art medium to your kids before they decide they like it.

Watercolors – a less messy way to try painting with your kids.  Try Crayola or Prang brand in the 8 or 16 quantity set.  Don’t just use the tiny brush that comes with the set – give your small kids a wide-handled brush with lots of bristles.  Make sure to change the water frequently so the colors can stay less muddy.

Watercolor paper – using a better quality paper will allow your kiddos to actually achieve some good painting results.  Try a student grade watercolor paper of 100 lbs or higher.  (If the paper says cold press or hot press, go for the cold press which has a texture to it.)  You don’t need to spend a fortune, but it’s important to use the right paper for the medium.

Finger paints & finger painting paper – Crayola finger paints are great for little kids.  Use proper finger painting paper (shiny & slick) otherwise the finger paints absorb into the paper and they won’t achieve the proper result.  Try stamping into the wet paint, dragging paintbrush handles or forks, using sponges, etc. to make patterns & textures.

Watercolor crayons – the kids and parents in my classes have loved these!  Faber-Catell makes a kid-friendly pack for about half the price of artist-grade.  They create rich colors and it’s like magic when you get them wet because they act like real watercolors.

Tempera Paint – this inexpensive paint is good for beginners, and very washable.  Again, use better-quality papers.

Construction paper & glue – nothing beats Elmer’s glue and construction paper for creating first collages.  Look for the fade-resistant papers as they are higher quality.

Have fun making art with your kids!

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